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Tourtoirac history !

Ilot à tourtoirac
Ilot à tourtoirac

The small town of Tourtoirac stands on the left bank of the the Auvézère, a river that rises in neighbouring Correze and that reaches its confluence with the Isle, just before Périgueux. It is located in the northeastern part of the Dordogne, in "the Green Périgord" (but is administratively attached to "the Black Périgord").


It is located 35 km from Périgueux, 8 km from Hautefort and 13 km from Excideuil. Tourtoirac was founded near the spring of La Clautre. It is surrounded by some hamlets on the hills and cliffs: Les Rochers, Saint-Hilaire, Les Ourteix and Les Talouches. Sometimes, during heavy rainfall or thunderstorms, there are floods in the lower part of the town, which causes difficulties for the traffic on the main road (D5).

Sites and Monuments

  • The abbey church Saint-Pierre-es-Liens and the remains of the former Benedictine monastery: Roman period XII and XIII century. It is listed as a historic monument.
  • The shrines of two Kings of Auraucania and Patagonia: Orélie Antoine Tounens (1825-1878) and Achille I (1841-1902) and his wife Dona Maria (1851-1893).
  • The tombs of the kings of Araucania and Patagonia.
  • The Clautre Spring.
  • The Tourtoirac Cave, discovered in 1995 and open to the public since 2010.