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Welcome to this website on which you will find information about the Tourtoirac Cave, also known as "The geological Pearl of the Perigord".


From the beginning its discoverer, and some time later his cave-diver friends, were very impressed by its beauty and its enormous variety of formations. In the course of time, water and nature have hollowed out the cave and decorated and designed it into a huge fresco.


During a visit we will take you into a fairy-like spectacle of light and shadow with stalagmites, stalactites, columns, draperies, helictites and other forms of formations.


The cave is accessible for people in a wheelchair, and there is also a wheelchair available.


The small town of Tourtoirac, is situated on the river Auvézère. In prehistoric times it has been visited by humans and an old abbey church contributes to its character. 

"When I'm in the Dordogne,

I understand why men have chosen to create art here,

over 3O OOO years ago ...

because here, even nature has talent."

Georges Bataille